The Facts on Late-Term Abortions

In yesterday’s debate, an important question was brought up: should late-term abortions be legal? Mr. Trump answered the question, “no” with a somewhat inaccurate description of the  procedure, and Mrs. Clinton responded by noting the inaccuracy. We venture to guess, however, that there was good reason that Mrs. Clinton did not respond with a fuller description of actual late-term abortion procedures. Such abortions generally kill mostly-formed, viable humans. Mrs. Clinton further cited her empathy for women with medical complications to justify her support of late-term abortions. Unfortunately, for Mrs. Clinton, unbiased academic research shows that most late-term abortions do not take place as the result of medical complications. She claimed that abortion is an issue in which only a woman and a doctor had a say. But our question is, why should we restrict our advocacy to the mother? Doesn’t the viable human life she carries also deserve protection? In fact, a vast majority agree with our concerns: according to the most recent Gallup polling, 69% of Americans think abortion should be illegal in some circumstances! Whoever wins the presidency has the responsibility to advocate for all human lives, not just those who they can get to vote for them.

.Also, many media sites are mentioning that Late Term abortions are only 1.3% of abortions in America. What they’re often not telling you is that that 1.3% is out of around 1.2 million abortions!!