Let’s Fact Check Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood, in a recent video claimed that Mike Pence “tried to defund Planned Parenthood and make it so that patients couldn’t get cancer screenings, and STD screenings and birth control.” At Hoos for Life, we recognize that the issue of de-funding Planned Parenthood is more important than who wins the upcoming election, so we’d like to offer a fact check of Planned Parenthood’s claim. (Read: we’re not making an endorsement!!!)

Will defunding Planned Parenthood really deny American women essential healthcare? Well, Planned Parenthood only provides services to about 2.8% percent of women and does not, contrary to popular perception, provide mammograms: it can only offer referrals to Mammography centers.

The video is correct that Title X funds legally cannot be used for abortion, but what it ignores is that these funds are fungible and can serve as overhead for abortion clinics and advocacy (indirect, yes, but still integral.) And, if Planned Parenthood is given the choice between Title X funds and abortion profits, we’re willing to guess they would choose abortion profits since these funds are estimated account for somewhere between 22% to 40% of their revenues! Further, the video ignores that legislation to defund Planned Parenthood could have Title X funding directed to other women’s health care providers which will provide the same services (besides abortion)!

Planned Parenthood is constructing a deceptively self-serving straw-man with this video, unfairly conflating opposition to abortion with opposition to real women’s healthcare. It’s time to realize there are better options.